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Ride Drive is Closing Down
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After successfully trading for 18–years, Ride Drive limited is due to close for business. This will happen on 1st July 2016. The reason for closure is that Julian Smith, managing director and company owner, is retiring, having already completed a 30–year career within the police service, and then a further 13–years running the company.

Where Does This Leave You?

Any client who is currently working with a member of our driving phobia and road anxiety team will be given the option to continue that work beyond the closing date of 1st July, but as a private arrangement with that individual. NO NEW CLIENTS ARE BEING TAKEN ON.

As far as the forums are concerned, this facility will remain open beyond the date above, but will eventually disappear from the Internet. This is because there will no longer be any funding available to take care of hosting fees etc. This final part of the process will most likely happen at the end of September 2016 when all threads and other entries there will be deleted.

We appreciate that for some the loss of the support from the forums, or from the Ride Drive organisation itself, will be very disappointing. However, it was never going to last forever and therefore had to finish sometime. That time just happens to be now.

Domain Names For Sale

Ride Drive has a number of domain names for which there will be no further need and these are now being offered for sale. The details of these are,


Any interested parties are to contact the company office by use of the email and phone number details given below.

Finally, we would like to thank all those people who have supported us and completed business with us over the years. It has been a pleasure to work with you and we hope that you all live long and have a prosperous life going into the future.

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Contact for help details for people with driving phobia and road fear disorder

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Friday, 29-Apr-2016

Ride Drive is Closing Down

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