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Catagories of Road Anxiety & Phobia
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Driving phobia cases very rarely arise through the fear of driving after an accident. Yes, there are those who find it difficult to get into a car after an accident, and these may be referred to as PTSD driving phobia cases, but most incidents of driving phobia, or road anxiety, begin through spontaneous panic attacks whilst driving.

Through our research, and the development of our now extensive knowledge on the topic of Driving Anxiety Disorder, we have recognised that phobic drivers fall quite naturally into three groups, all of which involve a fear of driving.

Common Road Anxiety Disorder >> This is by far the most frequent form of road anxiety disorder we deal with. Far from occurring as a result of some profound event, such as a road collision, this actually is a symptom of a modern day stress–filled lifestyle that may be compounded by negative events within the life experience of the phobic driver. Whilst there may sometimes be a road collision involved, this will tend to be a trigger rather than a cause for road anxiety disorder. More >>

Poorly Trained & Poorly–Equipped Drivers >> This group of drivers are victims of the inadequate driver training system. Although having passed the driving test the level of training will leave the subject woefully ill–prepared to deal with the complexities of everyday life on the road. Having to share that space with other road users whilst feeling grossly inadequate results in a growth in reluctance to drive. Abstaining from driving erodes confidence in ability, and during later attempts to drive, the subject can develop a fear of driving that amounts to road anxiety disorder. More >>

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) >>The people in this group are those who have been through some horrific life–changing or life–threatening ordeal, such as a fear of driving after a road accident, or been in a plane crash, train crash, or perhaps even survived a terrorist attack like the 7⁄7 London bombings. We are talking of any incident during which the injured party will have experienced severe mental trauma, placing them into clinical shock. The after effects can be intrusive memories and thoughts of the experience, and vivid flash–backs. In such cases a diagnosis of PTSD may be made. More >>

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Regardless as to the cause or category, and for whatever the reason, panic attacks can the starting point of what can be a lifetime of complete despair and misery. It will eat away at you, pushing you backwards through all different road types, from the biggest downwards, until you may find you cannot drive at all.

Driving phobia will drive you out of the car, if you let it, and to get you back in is very difficult. Call Ride Drive now for free advice that is given without obligation.

You Are Here » Home Page » Types of Road Anxiety & Phobia

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Road Anxiety Disorder – A Name for Driving Phobia

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